About Us

MG International has been sourcing distinct, regional wines exclusively for the independent trade for over 25 years. Of particular strength and depth are our growers from Italy, Germany, Portugal, Spain and France alongside which we have organic wines from Italy. We hope you enjoy discovering more about our wines and our winemakers. OUR COMMITMENT AND OUR STRENGTHS The MG International service is committed to building brands that cater to increasingly discerning consumer trends for both variety and great value for money, as well as generating growth and profit for our producer partners and our on-and off-premise wholesale customers. Our portfolio opens doors with its flagship producers; we have some of the leading brands from Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany. The Fine Wine Agency has a unique, different and a fresh approach to selling small family artisanal productions. Whether you produce 300 cases or 3,000 cases, we work closely with you to understand and meet your specific needs. It's you we're committed to not just getting another brand into our portfolio. We pride ourselves on developing personal relationships with our suppliers and customers. It's not just about finding and selling beautiful wines, but making and providing a lifestyle with our customers and suppliers

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